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Oberon’s Three Penny Tavern

Restaurants, Wineries & Breweries project by Jordan Mackay in Oregon, USA

A Shakespearean themed Tavern nestled in Ashland Oregon, filled with food, wenches, dancing, music, mead and merriment…and more wenches


Oberon’s is a Tavern unlike any other. Situated in the downtown center of Ashland, Oregon, home of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival (OSF,) where over 350,000 tourists will be walking by our door every year. Oberon’s seeks to capitalize on Ashland’s self-identification by becoming its first Shakespearean-themed Tavern. Every detail of the environment will be enhanced by elements of history and literature, from the style of the service bar, down to the wooden mugs in which our ales are served. The created atmosphere at Oberon’s Tavern derives its personality from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, which the OSF will be performing from June 6-October 13, 2013. The tavern will give its theater-oriented clientele a unique respite from the world outside as they find themselves immersed in a faery kingdom of our own creation. Through live music, dance, entertainment, meads, wines, and ales, we will provide our customers an evening of escape and enjoyment singular to Oberon’s Three-Penny Tavern.

$100+ wooden tankard gift!

The enjoyment of stepping back in time

Initially, we will provide time-period specific/Ashland local beer, wine, cider, and mead. After a six months, we will then transition into serving hard liquor and food items to complement the existing fair. The food served is akin to Renaissance Faire treats such as giant turkey legs, meat pies, savory soups,and sumptuous cakes, to name a few. The food and beverage items we will offer are not commonplace in the current restaurant/bar market, or even home cooking.

What the funds will be used for:

The funds we require will initiate and complete the final stage in our long process of opening our doors. Our tavern will create an authentic medieval experience within the constraints of modern sanitation and health codes. Therefore, the final renovations to our Ashland location mainly center on updating the building codes, including our walk-in cooler, kitchen, and ADA restrooms.

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As with any tourist destination, there are several key competitors with longstanding reputations within downtown Ashland. We anticipate direct competition with five businesses. However, according to the Ashland Chamber of Commerce, 80% of tourists are returning visitors, we believe our visitors will continue to seek new drinking/dining experiences. This opportunity further mitigates our new-found status and segues into our strengths. Ashland is hungry for the opening of Oberon’s Tavern. The town is buzzing with anticipation. Many projects face difficulties and challenges even after meeting their funding goals. Our project is unique in that it has the anticipation and support of a community-centered town that craves our project’s success! With four years experience in high volume fair and festival traffic, a unique beverage selection focusing on local beer, meads and wine, fantastic proximity to OSF’s three playhouses, two performance stages of our own and individualized customer service, Oberon’s will provide a fundamentally different experience, unique not only to Ashland, but the region.



 Our project is supported by the Crowd Pleaser Team at Foodie Crowd Funding.

Why use ‘wench’?  Want to know what a wench actually is? ~ A wench is a strong, independent woman with intelligence and attitude! She is honest, has a great sense of humor and makes no apologies for who she is to anyone! A true wench is powerful, is not ashamed of her sexuality, a true friend to herself and fellow wenches. All of our Servers are known as wenches whether male or female. We at Oberon’s strive for a truly unique mix of fantasy and historical in our tavern. Think of it this way, if a 14th century tavern that Shakespeare would have frequented was placed in an enchanted forest and staffed by Faeries, you would have Oberon’s. After all, hakespeare was no stranger to a bawdy joke or a hundred.

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